Chicfoodist is the result of a long time dream come true. What started as a humble Instagram handle, has now become the label for countless original culinary art creations and personal finesse.


My journey began in Saint Marys County, Maryland, where I started creating cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries with intricate designs, and small cakes for the local community.  From there I was asked to create my first-ever gourmet wedding cake, and the Chicfoodist platform began to soar! That first wedding cake became the catalyst for a multitude of ideas and creations. Starting with orders for small and personal cakes and cupcakes I quickly became skilled in creating sheet cakes for events with 100+ guests, dessert-catered launch parties, and baby showers.


While cultivating my skill at baking and creating beautiful desserts I was still serving as an active duty military member. This led to taking my brand, Chicfoodist, on the road traveling to customers to help make their culinary visions bloom to fruition! 


The love and passion that are put into my creations are what sets Chicfoodist apart from others. I love to use fresh ingredients combined with bold flavors to create an unforgettable taste and a sensational experience!


Chicfoodist is about using fresh products while creating gourmet creations with style. It’s not just about the flavor of the art, but how you present that art as well. I strive to create visuals that make the eye sparkle and causes the hands to hesitate from touching. At Chicfoodist "It's more than's art, culinary art!"